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"I was a guest on her show, and I loved, loved, loved the experience. She is so uplifting and inspirational, something we all need so badly. Find her podcast and subscribe!"

- Mitzi Perdue, Author-Speaker-Philanthropist

An On-Fire Spiritual Soul!

"Regina is an on fire spiritual soul who is passionate about bringing hope and the love of Jesus to the world through her podcast. She has a unique way of engaging her audience and guests that make people who listen feel like they are in on the conversation. Thank you Regina for answering His call for you."

- Kendra Von Esh, Speaker, Radio Host, Author

Wonderful Experience!

"Regina interviewed me for her podcast and it was a wonder experience! She's very pleasant, honest, funny and down-to-earth! I highly recommend listening to her podcast!"

- Anna Nuzzo, Catholic Singer/Songwriter, Pilgrimage Host, Speaker

"We read in James 1:2 to "count it all joy" when we meet various trials. While that may be more easily said than done, Regina Pontes shows that with faith and perseverance even the toughest of repeated trials may be sources of surprising strength and joy to the suffering and their caretakers. She recounts her personal stories of significant loss and illness with such forthright clarity and humor that I was surprised by how much I enjoyed this delightful quick read. Having spent thirty-two years in the disability evaluation field, I was quite pleased to see that this book also includes a bounty of practical, helpful tips and resources for readers facing serious medical issues, and for all of us, since none of us knows what might befall us someday. I recommend Perseverance is Key! to anyone who is undergoing any kind of serious challenge, loss, or disability, to friends and family members of those who are, and to all who would care to grow in empathy and compassion for the burdens some of us most bear, sometimes in the most surprising and encouraging ways ."

- (late) Dr. Kevin Vost, Author, Speaker

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