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Press Release: Perseverance is Key! a CPA Book Award Winner

Updated: Jul 1, 2019

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Catholic Press Association Awards Indie Author for Book on Persevering Through Trials

Boston, MA—June 25, 2019—Perseverance is Key! is easily the theme of author Regina Pontes adult life, her trials have been many, but her indomitable spirit prevails. It is that spirit that prompted Pontes to enter her debut book in the newly created Health category for the 2019 Catholic Press Association (CPA) Book Awards.

Receiving third place in the Healing category, Pontes’ independently published book proudly takes its place among books from well-established traditional Catholic publishing houses. The recognition of an indie author by the CPA expands the field for an ever-growing number of authors wishing to carry the message of their writing to audiences while maintaining control of the creative work.

The CPA judges praised Perseverance is Key! saying, “This personal account exudes the author’s spirit of perseverance…a noteworthy contribution to healing literature.”

Pontes is thrilled to have her book recognized and continues to inspire others with her story of resilience in the face of trials which most of us will never experience in a lifetime. “The journey of these past eight years has solidified for me God’s enduring love, and this award confirms for me God’s desire that I bring my story to others.”

Pontes lives each day with the hope that the message of her book will help readers understand that faith can overcome tremendous odds. Pontes’ suffered through and continues to conquer:

· The mysterious death of her twin brother

· The loss of her singing voice after being an active member of music ministry for years

· Four different bouts with cancer

· A Pontine stroke

· The death of her best friend

· Chronic Cellulitis

· Meningitis

· Broken legs

· Brain cyst

Pontes is a Boston-area native with an infectious laugh, quick wit and strong desire to connect with and help others. Formerly involved extensively with Music Ministry, Pontes has found her new voice through writing and interviewing. She continues her on-going healing, challenging herself to new levels of independence. She was interviewed on the Tony Agnesi Storyteller’s Podcast and welcomes offers for new radio interviews. Perseverance is Key! is her first book.

Perseverance is Key! by Regina M. Pontes (Author House, $10.99, 90 pages, 5 x 0.2 x 8 inches, ISBN: 154622727X) Available in hardcover and e-book at and

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