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Really? About Me?  Well OK, I'm game!   

A woman with simple common sense questions. Always interested in understanding all sides and discussing various aspects. I'll give you my thoughts on things and let's converse!

•  The Will Within Podcast host.

Sharing stories of Hope, Will, Perseverance and Inspiration of everyday people with extraordinary stories.  

•  The Will Within - The Chosen Edition

Is a Will Within podcast focusing on the same characteristics of hope, will, perseverance & inspiration while highlighting and incorporating the elements of the hugely successful show called

The Chosen (600million viewers to date) which follows the lives of the 12 apostles and disciples of 

Jesus Christ and his life & teachings.

•  2019 Catholic Press Assoc. Book Award Winning Author of Perseverance Is Key! Unlocking The Internal Power Of You book.

Reflections on how I not only survived but thrived, facing difficulties beginning with my twin brother's murder, followed by years of health challenges including: four bouts of cancer, a stroke, a brain cyst, and a coma, leading to the loss of my singing voice and becoming hemiplegic. I learned how to overcome these challenges through my faith and positive outlook which has been the driving force in life despite my adversities.

• Dynamic professional providing successful leadership in operations management. Specialties include:  qualitative and quantitative analysis of existing business operations, creation of performance metrics in support of specific program initiatives, oversight of transitional practices in both development of training procedures and materials, and training to support initiatives.

•  Goal and process professional directing organizational assessment of and compliance with quality operations to achieve maximum QMS and/or BMS operational efficiency.  Honed oral and written communication skills allowing for the ability to work in close collaboration with cross-functional staff including President, senior management and technicians.

•  Responsible for the successful transition of three company quality programs from various ISO standards: 9001:1994 to ISO 9001:2000 and ISO 9001:2000 to ISO 9001:2008.
Specialties: ISO 9001:2008 experienced and certified.  Security government clearance.






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